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11 de abril de 2013

Alpine A450 coming to Le Mans!

Five days ago, Renault announced that it would participate in the most famous endurance race in the world, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and also in the five events of the 2013 European Le Mans Series. The first race of this series will take place on April 12-13, at the Silverstone circuit in the United Kingdom.

8 de abril de 2013

The Renault Lovegrove concept is actually the Twin'Z

Last month, Renault showed some pictures of a concept created in conjunction with the Lovegrove Studio, owned by the Welsh designer, Ross Lovegrove. Those were just teasers and didn't reveal much, but today we can clearly see this new concept, and it looks a lot like the Twin'Run. Even the name is similar.

7 de abril de 2013

Renault Koleos gets a facelift. Caught testing in China

Most of you probably never heard of the Renault Koleos, also known as the Renault Samsung QM5 in South Korea, but this compact SUV is sold sold in countries like China, India and Russia achieving some success in some of those countries. The current model was introduced in 2011 but as we can see from these pictures taken in China it seems Renault is preparing a facelift for the Koleos.

5 de abril de 2013

Alpine will return to Le Mans after 35 years!

Last year, Renault announced they were going to revive the Alpine brand, but the first model will only arrive in 2016. To keep the Alpine name on the spotlight, Renault planned several things. The first was the entry of five A110 berlinettes for last January’s Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique. The next one will be the return to endurance racing in the 2013 Le Mans.

Renault Twin'Run Concept - Is this the replacement for the Renault 5? LeCar in the USA [Video]

A few weeks ago Renault started teasing the Ross Lovegrove concept, and in one of the pictures we had a pretty clear view of the back of the car. If we compare that picture with the image we got from the Twin'Run concept, we can clearly see they are pretty much a match, meaning the Lovegrove concept could serve as a preview for the Twin'Run.

18 de março de 2013

Renault Ross Lovegrove coming to Milan in April.

Renault and the Lovegrove Studio, owned by the Welsh designer, Ross Lovegrove, joined forces to create a new concept that explores new design languages. The new concept was inspired by "nature, its systems and energy transactions". Find out more when the concept is revealed at the Triennale of Milan from April 9th to 14th. See more images below.

16 de março de 2013

Renault Clio RS Gordini shows up in the web. It's still blue.

A few years ago Renault revived the long dead Gordini name creating an exclusive line for their smaller cars, therefore it is no surprise that now some rumors are starting to appear online about the new Clio RS Gordini. One thing that remains unchanged is the blue paint with the two white stripes.

4 de março de 2013

Renault has a little surprise for us. Its the Clio GT

While the RS version of the Renault Clio was already presented some time ago, the French brand in Geneva decided to show a less sporty version called the GT. And in my opinion it looks better than the RS, at least it has a smaller mouth.

17 de fevereiro de 2013

Renault Clio R.S. 200 EDC is now available to order

Following the official presentation at the Paris Motor Show on September 27, 2012, Renault now announced you can now order your own Clio RS 200 EDC in France for a starting price of 24.990 Euros ($33.400 or £21.500) with deliveries starting mid-March.

4 de fevereiro de 2013

The Renault Scénic and Grand Scénic get a makeover

Following the presentation of the Scénic XMOD, Renault also introduced the facelift of the normal Scénic and the Grand Scénic. The new design follows the one being used in most recent models, like the Clio. On the outside we have a bigger logo, a new grille and bumpers.

Renault presents the Scénic XMOD - The crossover MPV

This new version of the Renault Scénic can be summarized is just a few words. Its a Scénic with a larger ground clearance, special black front and rear bumpers, sill guards and chrome-finish roof bar. Mechanically there is nothing new (we expected four-wheel drive), except for an improved traction control system, called Extended Grip.

26 de janeiro de 2013

Spain will get another major investment from a carmaker

The German company Volkswagen said last week it would invest around 785 million euros ($1 billion) in a plant in northern Spain over the next five years, making it the third company in recent months that announced a major investment in that country with severe economy problems.

11 de janeiro de 2013

2014 Renault Captur revealed, promisses to change your life.

The Renault has just unveiled its future urban crossover, promising an innovative design with the driving position of an SUV, the interior space of an MPV and the agility and driving enjoyment of a sedan.

10 de janeiro de 2013

Short News: Renault Clio Grandtour

It seems that the Belgian Renault anticipated the headquarters in France and revealed more images of the GrandTour, thus indicating that sales should start soon.

8 de janeiro de 2013

Short News: Sales of the Renault Clio RS will start next month

Renault announced that the sales of the Clio R.S. will start on February 14 in Belgium but this date should be the same for the rest of Europe

Short News: Renault's future crossover, Captur, will be presented this Friday morning [Teaser]

Renault said today that they would show the brands new crossover this Friday morning, which is codenamed the Project J87, but we already know the production version uses the name Captur.

1 de janeiro de 2013

Renault leaves the Smart ForTwo partnership with Daimler

Smart Forvision Concept
According to CarMagazine, Renault withdrew the development, together with Daimler, of the Smart ForTwo's twin brother codenamed Project Edison, in order to save money and manpower, meaning the Germans will have to continue the development alone.

31 de dezembro de 2012

Short News: Five decades of design from Renault TV [Video]

Renault created several promotional videos to show the evolution in design over the last five decades, highlighting cars like the Renault 5, Renault 8, VelSatis, Twingo and Fuego in addition to other objects that have become references on their respective decades such as the Walkman and the iPod.

17 de dezembro de 2012

Short News: Technical drawings of the 2013 Renault Captur revealed

This small SUV is based on the Nissan Juke and will look like the new Clio, released a few months ago. The standard version of the Captur should be unveiled during the Geneva Motor Show in March.

16 de dezembro de 2012

Short News: Volvo Trucks buys the last shares from Renault Trucks

The French automaker, Renault SA, sold the last shares (6,5%) they had in Volvo AB for 1.458 million Euros ($1.92 billion Dollars) ending a connection that lasted for 11 years as the largest owner of the Swedish company.